About Us

About The AdamStarters Podcast

Each week, our hosts deliveres hard hiting, one-on-one interviews with some some of the worlds most creative and impactful startups; brands, social impact leaders, tech giants, creators, changemakers and trouble makers. 

The learn about their processes; explore the story of where they started, where they are and where they are going. Most importantly, our guest reveal their expert tips on innovation.

Meet The Hosts

Adam Bradford

Adam Bradford


Mr. Adam Bradford is a Young Leader, Board Advisor of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and social-entrepreneur. Mr. Bradford is an English social activist, entrepreneur and business adviser. He has acted as an adviser to young entrepreneurs internationally and worked to develop entrepreneurship initiatives in the United Kingdom. The AdamStart project is one of Bradford’s flagship programs to help young entrepreneurs scale their ideas and provide more employment opportunities. Currently in its 10th year, the project has reached over 10,000 young persons across 130+ countries.

Benson Ekpo

Benson Ekpo


Benson Ekpo is a 2018 Young African Leadership Fellow, Young Global Peace Ambassador and currently sits as the Regional Director of AdamStart Africa. He is a lifestyle podcaster and YouTuber, he started his creator journey to prove how rewarding it can be to make a breakthrough in life’s journey and think about YOU! Benson is an advocate for seeking personal freedom, freedom for him is about designing a life one is so passionate about you can’t wait to wake up in the morning . Benson’s calling pushes him deep into indefinite nomadic travel, leading him to inadvertently discover a deeper part of himself.


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